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A different view on the use of websites and web design

Websites, for many companies a kind of online account manager. But is it also used that way? Often companies decide on what the website looks like, whether they can say everything they want to say and whether people should be able to contact them. But there is so much more to watch out for.

What does a website process actually look like? We are happy to take you into the changing world of web design.

Website culture

The website culture is still very traditional at many website agencies. We think it should be more modern in the present time. We are happy to explain it to you.

  • Traditionally you said that websites are seen by companies as a business expense when this should be a growth investment.

  • In many cases, the website is a digital static brochure, which we convert as a product with a broad impact.

  • A website is often made based on assumptions but can be made better on "data-driven" decisions.

Website culture - Lab701
 Website process
  • Traditionally, we look at what we have to say as a company, but a website that is customer-oriented has more impact.

  • The process often involves a lot and is quickly enormous for companies, we often find a website a kind of “launch platform”, you build on a platform where your website is a kind of rocket that goes faster and faster as time passes, so that you continue to build and renewed.

  • Do you recognize the term “Set and Forget” that is what often happens, the website is up and then it is not just looked at, while you have to apply continuous improvements that add value.

Website Process - Lab701
If you deal with the website process in a modern way, you can realize a Growth-Driven design.
Data Driven Design - Lab701
Growth-driven design

When you look at impact and time, you see a big difference between traditional designs and growth-driven designs. Where you traditionally see that a website is put down for 2 years, for example, there is then a redesign and you go on a few times.

Growht-driven design - Lab701
With a growth-driven design, you expand your website step by step, creating more impact over a shorter period of time. A faster "time to value"!
 Quicker 'Time To Value'

Where in the traditional way an average of 108 days is taken on a website, often with 2 weeks delay and "Set and Forget" you see a maximum of 60 days with our growth-driven design. Ready on time and possibilities for improvement when we work with the website. We would know which way works for companies.

Quicker Time To Value - Lab701
 Drive more business impact

Are you aware from research from HubSpot agencies that generate 16.9% more leads and more importantly, have 11.2% more revenue using the “Growth Driven” design? Those are serious increases!

Drive more business impact

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