ROI Calculator

Do you want to know what working with HubSpot will benefit your organisation? Then fill in the calculator. 

This calculator is offered together with HubSpot to gain insight into a possible ROI when using the Marketing or Sales Hub module.  It is useful to have the following information to hand:

To calculate Marketing ROI:

  • Monthly website visitors
  • Website conversion rate (%) - The percentage by which your website visitors complete a form on your website with their contact details.
    • An average conversion rate for a website can be between 2% and 5%.
  • Monthly marketing leads - This is the average number of leads generated monthly through marketing efforts.
  • Marketing lead to closed deal (%) - The conversion rate of marketing leads to closed sales/deals. For the calculation, divide the number of marketing leads generated by the number of closed deals in a given period.
    • Depending on industry, an averages can be between 1.5% and 7.5%.
  • Deal amount (average) - The average revenue per closed deal. For the calculation, divide the total revenue generated in a given period by the number of deals closed in that period.

To calculate Sales ROI:

  • Deals closed (monthly) - The average number of deals closed and won per month.
  • Deal amount (average) - The average revenue per closed deal. To calculate, divide the total revenue by the number of closed deals in a given period.
  • Deal closing rate (%) - The average number of deals closed and won divided by the number of deals made.
    • Depending on industry, an average can be between 15% and 30%
You can fill in the calculator with no obligation. When you want to download your own report, your details will be requested via a form.  The report is then immediately available for download.

As the calculator is a module of HubSpot, we do want to point out how the data is used and that you are aware of it. See FAQs below for more information.


❓How does HubSpot obtain the customer data used in the ROI calculator?

HubSpot collects data when customers interact with them through their websites or use HubSpot's subscription services. What they collect, how they use the information collected, how they share that information and how customers can manage their information are all described in their Privacy Policy.

❓What types of customer data are used in the ROI calculator?

The data used in the ROI calculator falls into two categories:

  • Personal data (as defined in HubSpot's customer data processing agreement); and
  • HubSpot product usage data

HubSpot collects Personal Data from customers when they complete web forms or interact with our websites, for example by subscribing to a HubSpot blog, signing up for a webinar or requesting customer support. HubSpot also collects Personal Data when customers sign up for a HubSpot account, create or change user information, set preferences or provide other related information to access or use our Subscription Service. 

Usage data includes statistics and information about customers' use and interaction with the Subscription Service, such as which product features they use most often, when an object (such as a ticket) is created and closed, and how often certain features (such as workflows) are activated in their account.

To ensure HubSpot maintains the privacy of their customers' data, they use anonymisation to remove or modify personally identifiable information so that data cannot be linked to an individual. HubSpot uses three standard anonymisation techniques for customer results data: feature suppression, generalisation and aggregation.

❓Which HubSpot customers are included in the data used in the ROI calculator?

The data used in this calculator is based on aggregated data from HubSpot customers worldwide who owned Marketing or Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise for at least 12 months between January 2019 and April 2022. 

To be included, the sample for each metric Marketing Hub customers also met the following criteria:

  • Website traffic - must have HubSpot tracking code installed on website.
  • Marketing leads - must have activated the forms feature.
  • Website conversion rate - must have the HubSpot tracking code installed on website and the forms feature activated.

The sample size for each region and industry cohort and metric varies.  But to ensure data privacy and accuracy, HubSpot does not share aggregated data from customer cohorts with a sample size that does not reach the established cohort size. In these cases, the global value for that metric is used by default.

❓How is the average improvement for each metric determined?

The average improvement for each metric reflects customer performance 12 months after purchase compared to the average of the first month after purchase of Marketing Hub or Sales Hub.

The exception is web conversion rate where customer performance 12 months after purchase is compared to the average of the first three months after purchase.

HubSpot believes it is crucial to ensure that the average improvement values used in this calculator reflect HubSpot customers' experience as accurately as possible. Therefore, before analysing customer data, they screen the data for errors, missing data and data distribution. They also use statistical techniques to identify outliers and clean up data so that unusual values do not distort monthly averages. For highly skewed distributions, they use the median instead of the mean, as the median has been found to be the best measure of central tendency in skewed data.

❓What does HubSpot (or the partner) do with the data I enter in the calculator?

If cookies are enabled, HubSpot stores your selected data locally:


These items are cleared when you clear your cookies, and are tailored to the current browser being used (for example, you cannot continue in Safari where you left off in Chrome). These attributes are not used to identify you in any way. HubSpot only uses these fields to provide you with results based on data that best suits you (e.g. your industry or region) and presented in your currency. Everything else you enter into the calculator is stored in memory while you work with the app. Any data not listed above will be deleted as soon as you close your tab/browser window. For more information on how HubSpot uses cookies, see their
Cookie Policy.

Lab701 Online Marketing's privacy policy also applies.

Am I guaranteed to see the results I obtain from this calculator?

The data used in this calculator is based on aggregated data from many thousands of HubSpot customers globally.

Please keep in mind that results for individual businesses, including your own as well as HubSpot’s, may differ based on their own markets, customer base, industry, geography, stage, and/or other factors. Therefore, we (and HubSpot) cannot guarantee you will see the exact results you obtain from the ROI Calculator if you purchase Marketing Hub or Sales Hub.