Inbound Marketing for the financial services industry

Many accountancy firms (have to) change, more focus on added value and knowledge sharing.

But how? How do you get quality leads through your website by sharing valuable content? Many offices do “do” social media and blogging and get traffic to the website… but that is often the case.

By using Inbound Marketing you ensure organic find and visibility of your organization.

How do you attract visitors? How do you ensure that these also convert on your website? How do I ensure that they become customers and ultimately how do I ensure that existing relations are an ambassador for my organization?

  • Do you know how many leads you are getting through the website?
  • Do you know how much extra turnover your well-intentioned content will generate?
  • Do you know what a lead delivers to the organization?
  • Do you know what your main growth goals are?
  • What are your current marketing and sales challenges?
 Questions we should take a closer look at! Don't really know the answer to most questions? Then we are happy to help you with this issue!


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